vendredi 19 septembre 2008


You've got to hand it to the comrades over at Their analysis and style is the best on the web. They're tough uncompromising revoltionaries and their take on the absolute scandal that is unfolding over this bank bail out is astute and convincing.

"The immediate line-up of both parties and the media behind the bailout plan for Wall Street stands in the starkest contrast to their indifference and inaction in regard to the plight of millions of American working people, who face a rising tide of home foreclosures, layoffs and sinking living standards. When it comes to the social needs of the people, the universal cry from corporate America and the two parties is, “There is no money,” but when the fortunes of the financial elite are threatened, the full power of the government and unlimited resources are marshaled virtually at a moment’s notice."

Compare that to the faux cheer of the bbc or the gruntiad.