lundi 29 septembre 2008

All bets are off

OK, are you seeing this? I'm sad, I like to check the stock figures every now and then - ok most days. Usually little happens, but today obviously, things are afoot. Jusr checked the Dow and as I was logging in it had fallen by 350 points and I've just checked now five minutes later and it had fallen by another 100 points. Over at for today, they're creaming themselves. Huge capital letters "Bailout defeated" but 'they' surely can't let this happen? A bank contagion is how they're calling it over here on Channel 2 news in France, but they're trying to make out that France is somehow immune. Doubtful.

It's when capitulation sets in that things will get interesting. . .

It's funny how over the weekend all media nozzles were 'reassuring' us that the measure would get passed and all would be well. That report (below) was correct - the media is all about the management of feelings. Well, I'm feeling pretty happy atm for the next ten minutes or so whilst I have a right good laugh about all this.

It's ben confirmed on French news that the bil has been defeated. But they'll get round it I guess.