lundi 1 septembre 2008

Food conspiracy

It is funny how you hardly ever see 'buy one get one free' offers on fruit. And peaches are 60 pence each at the moment. But why would Supermarkets offer cheap deals on sugary fatty foods?

"The NCC conducted a spot-check on branches of the top eight English chains in Sheffield before Easter, with Easter-related promotions not counted.
It found more than 4,300 promotions - a sixth more than in the last snapshot survey in 2006. Previous checks conducted by the NCC have been at branches around England.
More than half the promotions - 54% - related to foods high in fat and sugar, despite Food Standards Agency (FSA) advice that these foods should make up just 7% of diets. Only one in eight promotions featured fruit and vegetables."

The supermarkets themselves rubbished the Cosumer Council report and the Guardian (conscious of its advertising obligations) duly gave a 'balanced' report. But the report has to be taken seriously - one only has to drift round a supermarket to see the mountains of shit food on offer at bargain buscket prices.

The reason the supermarket barons do this is not that difficult to guess at. Profits. People on the whole, they gauge, are largely ignorant of the nutrional contents of what they are buying, profits, have got 'hooked' on sugary fatty food, profits, and at times of economic stress are more likely to binge out on 'comfort food'. And of course, profits. It's a cynical conspiracy that, alas, we all collude in.

Come the revolution, food will be organised differently once the sugar company bosses have all been executed.

In the meantime, do the world a favour - burn a supermarket down. It'd be good for everyone's health eventually.