jeudi 25 septembre 2008

Trickle down bullshit

I didn't read the article, life is too short, but there's someone in the US who's against the bailout plan because it's 'trickle down communism'. From one point of view, at least the word 'communism' is getting some different publicity. Usually you only see the word next to 'Russia', 'Stalin' 'gulag' or 'horrendous crimes'. The role of this is obvious. But it seems that further political lies have to be poured on the idea, now that the American public has been pushed further to the left thanks to the economic seizure their country is undergoing. So, this elite 'idea', the idea of some tool in the power structure of America, is to associate communism with state bailouts. Naturally, those with even a sprinkling of knowledge about the subject know that Marx envisioned 'the withering away of the state' and that Marxists see the state as a repressive instrument of the ruling class.

To equate this handout of free money, and monies that come from the broad mass of the American people, with the idea of a peaceful harmonious world run according to aility and need and not the profit of the few, is a major intellectual failure. (Or a knowing and deliberate piece of ideological banter and distraction). It was reported verbatim and uncritically in the Guardian, of course. That rag is really doing its utmost to instil a sense of normalcy for its readers, as their world undergoues seimic shifts, and it is desperately trying to shore up the sinking government. To that end, for instance, Martin Kettle, king lipspittle, had a terrible piece in today's offereing. It deserves a post to itself though.

update - I've read it, it's guff all the way through