lundi 1 septembre 2008

Oh Darling

The Chancellor of the Exechequer is soon to become an 'ex-exchequer'. After all, to tell the truth in British politics is bad form. You may lie, and at times this is obligatory, but to say that things are thus (i.e. that the economy is in a bit of a mess) is frowned upon.

"The word is that Gordon Brown isn't best pleased with his chancellor and, let's face it, neighbourly feuds are never a good idea, whether on a council estate or in Downing Street. Allies of the prime minister have reportedly reacted with feeling when they insist that Darling should be sacked and his job given to the schools secretary, Ed Balls. What is Gordon Brown to do? "The dilemma for Gord is that sacking Darling could precipitate moves to oust him," says Smithson. "Yet, if he keeps his chancellor, Brown just looks weak." "

In the end, the ship is going down, so to throw one duff bean counter over the side because he pipes up seems pointless. But then again New Labour was ever that, as far as some of us were concerned. Two more years of this. Fab.