dimanche 12 juillet 2009

They walked in line

The current upsurge in imperialist terrorism in Afghanistan has caused the deaths of 15 British soldiers in just under two weeks. Whilst evidence is sketchy, it has to be assumed that the loss of innocent Afghan civilian lives is far higher and that details about the criminal actions of the illegal occupying forces is being deliberately withheld from the wider world, in order to wring as much diversionary potential from these deaths. The work of the nominally liberal press has been stirling as usual with the Observer uncritically vomiting up MoD statements and government propaganda. What is pitiable though is the 'left wing' Labour MP calling for monies to be diverted from Trident to the repression of the Afghan population.
It is reasonable to assume, also, that the increase in occupation offensives is tied to the economic crisis facing the British and American regimes. From a day to day policy objective, the deaths play a (small?) role in emotionally blackmailing and corralling the home populations into quietude about their own social and economic greivances. It cannot be too long before striking public sector workers are maligned for downing tools whilst 'our brave boys and girls are risking their lives for our freedom.' It does, clearly, sound ridiculous, but some mouthpiece for the MoD in the above report stated that costs should not matter since 'we' didn't count the cost when we were fighting Hitler. From wider economic objectives, the war is a way of encircling Iran and ensuring China is hemmed in and prevented from intervening in the resource land of the Middle East in the medium to long term future.
We are warned, chillingly, by the current war criminals Brown and Obama, that there is a long difficult Summer ahead. They are saying, of course, that further losses are expected and as far as they are concerned dearly hoped for.

jeudi 9 juillet 2009

Genocidal maniac

British politics continues to go rotten. A small mordant sign of this drifts over our sickened gaze this morning in the wretched Guardian. That microbe Griffin of the Boneheaded Freak Party has called for boats carrying immigrants from Africa TO BE SUNK. Read that again and let the implications sink in. He's calling for the cold blooded murder of desperate people who are so poor they see no other option than to risk their savings and their lives to escape terrible economic and social conditions that ultimately, the west is responsible for.
But one expects that from this speck of human waste, this fleck of ratshit this slimed coward. What is depressing is that the weasely guardian describes his 'proposals' (proposals! - the correct term would be incitements or 'death threats') as "controversial". Controversail, once was attached to ideas like 'tax rises for the rich' or 'supporting secondary picketing' or 'abolishing the monarchy' or to pop stars who shot their mouths off.
Calling for the murder of people is not controversial - its criminally insane. It's clear, though, that the prediction about the BNP once in power making a total shit-fuck of it's time in the limelight is coming true.

dimanche 5 juillet 2009

Thinking the Unthinkable

When economies go 'wrong' (in a functional not a moral sense...) the scum at the top demand instant solutions along the lines that everything must be considered and there should be no sacred cows. It's lies and propaganda of course. Here's some insect from some bean counting collective in a report from the increasingly rancid Observer "In a blistering attack, Steve Bundred, chief executive of the Audit Commission, says he has not heard any politician admit that "severe pay restraint" is one of a number of measures necessary to rebalance public finances, which could also include job cuts. "Nothing should be off limits," he warns."

One theing that won't be thought, one sacred cow that won't get sacrificed or be off limits is a serious tax raise for those who have done very nicely out of the last 30 years of neoliberalism. The rise to 50% for top earners was just a sop. The government should - alas by now we should say 'should have' - phased in a progressive tax regime years ago. Now we're going to have to pay for the bank bail-outs and bonuses to keep those snouts in the manner to which they have become accustomed.

In response, the resistance should reinterpret this Bundred wanker's words, nothing should be off limits when it comes to the fightback. If anyone can fucking well rouse themselves......

mercredi 1 juillet 2009

Business as Usual

The Iranian turbulence has died down, the middle class 'revolt' has fizzled out and the MSM has moved on. A curse on all the ruling factions in Iran and all power to the working class, says the cleaner here at REL offices. She also notes that the papers have been less active in their coverage of the Honduras coup and the in your face corruption carnival that is the Afghan Presidential election and that she's going to go on strike.