mardi 30 septembre 2008


"There are obviously a lot of very powerful and privileged people sweating more bullets tonight than they have sweated in many and many a year. They have roused the drowsy beast of popular anger at last, and no one can say what might happen next. Probably nothing -- or rather, more of the same, in some form or another. But still, it is good to see the icy beads of panic dotting the brows of elites who have inflicted and/or countenanced so much death, destruction, terror and degradation in the past few years. Today they have suffered a very rare defeat in the relentless, remorseless class war they have been waging against us for decades. And that is something to celebrate -- at least for one night."

This guy gets it pretty much on the button. Today, the stock markets all over the world have rallied. So, without the bailout, they bounce back into near normalcy. Plus, billions nearly a trillion dollars is pumped into the rotten system. Why all the fuss over some bailout when the central banks oblige so readily?

Over here in France, there is talk on the TV about how banks are secure and that the government can secure all deposits up to 70000 euros. These guarantees raise the question of inequality in my mind first. Who the fck are these people with more than that amount in their accounts?! I've just got paid a lump sum for some overtime and ironically we've never had so much cash in our account. (it's not that much on the scale of things - sorry only begging letters for amounts under ten euros. . . ) and now they've put it into my head that 'the banks might go bust'. They haven't said that of course. But if someone said "Look I'm really not going to kill you ok?" you would check out where the exits where. That's an analogy I know. Forbidden things but in singular times, I think one or two are allowable. I mean, if they are saying (like in Ireland where the government has guaranteed all bank accounts) that the government will back you up when it comes to getting your cash out of an atm. . . it suggests that something a really big something is headed our way. It puts the idea into your head, it's a hint, a warning.

I'm wrong. I hope I'm wrong at least. But it sounds like the elites are letting us down gently and preparing us for the worst, which they, as much as us, can't really say isn't going to happen.

I hope where you are, you've got a contingency plan, because this little hiccup in the way of things is going to get more awkward as things carry on. OK the shares have rallied but no one thinks it's anything other than a dead cat bounce.

Anyway, think optimistically. Capitalism is very ill - kick it whilst it's down in any way you can. Try some sabotage something daring some act of resistance. Don't let them scare us into submission just because their stinking blood drenched system is having a nervous breakdown!