vendredi 26 septembre 2008

Tories go rancid

Deep down, they're racist and they like it that way. It's an easy, lazy thoughtless way for them to pick up support and reassure their core voters. Racism to the Conservative true blue is what redistribution was to the traditional left. So it comes as absolutely no surprise that the Tory response to the economic crisis is not to propose any economic change, any regulation or moves to tax the criminal rich, but instead to attack the idea of multiculturalism.

It's a distraction, it's putrid but it will work for them for a while and alas it will have the effect of allowing the government to put in place further (repeat) racist measures in response. How rotten British politics will become as this crisis takes hold.

The insect BNP must be cleaning their mandibles with childish glee. Fuck the lot of them.