vendredi 26 septembre 2008

Signs of resistance # 1

This feature of this blog has been upgraded. Back in April, when the world was 'normal' there were 'tiny signs' of resistance. Hopeless, or near hopeless acts like Palestinian boys throwing rocks at Israeli tanks, military recruitment centres in the US getting a peace-over paint job.

Now things have changed and leftwingers ought to be feeling more vibrant about the political climate. True, those of us who survive the break down of civilisation could all be interned in camps run by uniformed guards this time next year(yawn) , but come on - don't bottle it before the game is not even half way through. (Worse, things could actually return to 'normal'. . .).

And, yes, this sign of resistance is only a smidgen above chucking pebbles at heavy armour, but its symbolic significance bodes well for the future. Its an idea by someone in the US to demonstrate on Wall St. against the taxpayer handout to the rich. People have been encouraged to bring along any old 'toxic' waste and rubbish they have lying about their place, dump it infront of the bull statue and demand the government buy it. OK, it's not the storming of the Bastille, or 1905 St.Petersburg, but it's a start. It also demonstrates the power of the internet as a political weapon. The left where you are should be organising similar demonstrations. IF not - get a fecking move on and organise one.

Send me any more sign of resistance please!