vendredi 26 septembre 2008

Bad air

On the increasingly shrill sounding BBC News24 (too many adverts to watch for more than 20 minutes) there's a drastic piece on the latest Western effort to assist in ridding the world of malaria. Millions die horrible deaths and the disease is preventable. To that aim, western governments pledge pledge three billion pounds to eradicate it. There's Gordo looking ashen and strained and, o no, Bono (1). No mention of time scale, but for sure, the first effects of this will be felt long long after the hundreds of billions have been handed out to the drooling bankers.

Soon one will have to start saying - eradicate this system by any means necessary.

1 Sure he's given 30 million quid and so he should, but one generous gesture isn't going to solve this enormous structural social problem. Not even a hundred such acts. This way of 'tackling' the world's problems must go down with the laissez-faire economic system. The two are interrelated.