lundi 29 septembre 2008

But there is some good news

A straw of good news on this bleak Monday (Austria, Sarkozy, bailout etc.) - "Shares in Britain's banks plunged today after it emerged that they could face a multibillion pound payout to cover the cost of nationalising Bradford & Bingley.
Royal Bank of Scotland tumbled by as much as 20% after B&B was taken into public hands. Lloyds TSB and HBOS also plummeted, putting their merger in doubt."

Take a thirty second silent gloat..............................a scapegloat in fact.

Share prices are an epiphenomenal feature of global capitalism, though. I wonder what caused the 1929 crash - increased working class resistance throughout the 20's in the US and Europe or just the usual scum bag operations of capitalism. Research needed.