jeudi 18 septembre 2008

I'm 28% chav

An upper class wanker yesterday
Following up a Socialist Worker link on the class nature of 'chavs', I stumbled upon this site called 'boredandlazy'. Now I'm neither, well maybe the latter every now and then, but hey this was research, ok.

Any road, there's this test you can take, see, to find out how chavvy you are. I take it everyone knows what a chav is? It's an urban person under the age of 40 or so who hasn't got much money. What little moneyy they do have, o no, they spend on 'cheap' clothes and carsetc. Essentially, they (or 'we'.....) are those in the working class whose tastes offend the Archer listening comfortables of soft middle England.

So I took the test. It was a simple yes/no affair with standard looking unimaginative cliché prompts pretty much all the way through - "Do you have any preference over Burberry or Aquascutum check?" "Have you ever worn jewellery from 'H Samuels'? "Have you ever owned a pair of white Reebok Classic trainers?" and so on. But rather like a interrogation that lulls you into the yes/no thing and then springs the really important questions on you as you get 'hypnotised' by the reponse drill, there were questions like

"Do you think Marks & Spencer's food hall is too expensive?"

"Have you ever not paid for a ticket on public transport?

"Have you ever referred to pudding as 'dessert' or 'sweet'?"

and snobbishly of all,

"Have you ever referred to a loo as a 'toilet'?" - (there was no space to put "Yep but usually we call it the shithouse.")

It's a joke a joke - well I fucking know that. It's just there are hundreds of these sites and a whole movement out there that seethes with hatred against, frankly, some of the most economically vulnerable and politically isolated people in society. As the economy deteriorates, it's those at the arse end of this rotten society of ours that will pay for the wild boom year's that those upper class vulgarians - the true vulgar cultureless nihilistic fckrs - have frittered away on the 'education' of their dumb appallingly behaved spawn, their shit ideas of taste and their ecodisaster holidays.

The pure upperclarse unadulterated class hate here, reeks(1). To mock people for thinking something like MnS food is too expensive or taking the risk to fare jump is, as the SWP article says an indication of just how fraught class tensions are in the UK irrespective of anyone's quaint views about 'classlessness'.

Rise up ye chavs and take over. Some retaliation is in order.
(1) My pure unadulterated class hate here, is ideologically motivated and entirely justified, of course.