lundi 22 septembre 2008

French socialists provide cover for Sarko's Afghan adventure

The French Socialist Party, neither 'S' nor 'P', has, effectively, given the French government its support for the continued involvement of French forces in the doomed occupation. With 52% of French people opposed to any involvement of their country in the war, one would have expected a clear 'NO" position from a left(ish) party. But no, never underestimate the power of the French PS to isolate itself from any potential source of popular support. They did vote against the government in the debate in the Parliament but the Socialist President said ""Nous ne votons pas contre la poursuite" de l'engagement français, "nous votons contre une conception politique et militaire qui nous conduit dans une impasse", which means nothing. In the end, the French Parliament voted to increase troop levels in Afghanistan.

The hopelessly ambiguous position of the PS reduces the chances of organising opposition to the senseless Afghan campaign. None of the man parties are treating this issue with the gravity it deserves. The majority of French people have no idea why their compatriots are fighting in Afghanistan and want them to come home. The opposition party equivocates, the troop numbers increase.

That's bourgeois democracy.