lundi 22 septembre 2008

Eternal war

In a document entitled "2008 Army Modernization Strategy" the US military has just published a chilling reminder of just what this so called war on terror is all bout. Of course, it's been about resources all along. The document forgoes any ideological justification for the 'Global War on Teror'. Gone are any references to human rights, democracy or freedom. It's just about straightforward economic competition with 'near peer rivals' (ie China and Russia) but the main enemy is you and me. Or rather the younger versions of me and you.

The Irish Times notes "It predicts that "21st Century operations will require soldiers to engage among populations and diverse cultures instead of avoiding them". The document reveals that new US tactical doctrine provides a template by which air, naval and field commanders will no longer just secure traditional strategic targets such as airspace, seaports and bridgeheads, but will, of necessity, also deploy and fight amongst and against the target population itself to win wars. " [emphasis added].

It couldn't be clearer. The US is at war to further the material confort of a select few of its population. There is no political cover anymore for how could there be - back home neo-liberalism has collapsed and democracy is dead.

The paper goes on "The explicit reference in this context to future resource wars, however, will probably raise eyebrows among the international diplomatic community, who prefer to couch such conflicts as human rights-based or rooted in notions around freedom and democracy. The document, however, contains no such lofty pretences. It goes on to list as a pre-eminent threat to the security of the US and its allies "population growth - especially in less-developed countries - which will expose a resulting 'youth bulge'."

I like the "...prefer to couch..." touch. The writer is astute enough to recognise that our leaders play up to what they regard as their population's sensibilities, but in reality Blair and co go along with the GWOT in full knowledge of its real teleology.

It's a war on us. There's no excuse this time - we really have been warned. The left really had get better get its shit together. We need a conference - "Getting our shit together" would be a good working title......