lundi 29 septembre 2008


Hopefully. Dr. James N. Herndon, of Media Psychology Affiliates has done a survey based on sample groups' 'feelings' and has come up with the claim that we are about to witness an increase in economic insecurity, anti-semitism and a load of pogroms. Christians in poorer parts of America and Germany are more likely to catch this disaese,

“If current trends are left unchecked, we believe that by late 2007, a feeling of economic desperation will begin to overtake large sectors of the lower-middle-class in the US, as well as the welfare-dependent classes in Germany,” he warned. “Our results strongly suggest that this will provide the emotional trigger for the scapegoating of Jews, toward whom feelings in our sample were unexpectedly negative, and often violent.” , he said.

Let's hope the left gets its act together before history repeats itself.

Herndon also noted, “Media exists to manage feelings. Our results strongly suggest that Jewish and Israeli organizations, in particular, are in the process of rapidly losing control of their PR initiatives. Opinion leaders in both the US and Europe must not stand-by passively as these trends develop.”

Hang on 'the medai exists to manage feelings'. That is an interesting way of thinking about the telly and the radio. The viewer is not being informed but manipulated. We always knew that in a way, but it's good to see it confirmed from the inside.

Incidentally, the link to the story comes via one 'Cracksmoke republican' whose deep anti-semitism sadly confirms Herndon's prognosis. It's all 'cabals', 'jewish baners' and 'anti-Israel' stuff. Anti-semitism is so ingrained in western culture. Even teaching about Nazi Germany doesn't protect one's students fully form its horrors - after all, they see Goebell's propoganda posters in the textbooks. Some people need to blame - just blame. Any target will do.

Us Marxists don't blame - we are certain whose fault all this!