mercredi 10 septembre 2008

Another frame up collapses

"U.K. jury finds 3 men guilty in bombing plotLONDON --
Three British Muslims with ties to Pakistan were found guilty Monday of conspiracy to murder in a terrorist bombing campaign but jurors failed to reach a verdict on whether they plotted to blow up multiple trans-Atlantic airliners with liquid explosives disguised as soft drinks.

The failure to get convictions on the more serious charges was a major setback to the British government, which has struggled to put suspected terrorists behind bars with intelligence from multiple countries.

Last month, government prosecutors failed to convict three other men of helping to plan the deadly London transit bombings of 2005 -- the worst attack on Britain's capital since World War II. [/color]In Monday's decision, Abdulla Ahmed Ali and co-conspirators Assad Sarwar and Tanvir Hussain were convicted of trying to make a bomb out of hydrogen peroxide.

But the jury struggled to find enough evidence to support prosecutors' claims that the men planned suicide attacks targeting passenger jets flying from London to major North American cities. The three will be sentenced at a later date.The men were arrested on Aug. 10, 2006 -- a date that would go down in history as the day when air travel changed dramatically.Airports in the United States and Europe ground to a halt with hundreds of flights canceled over security concerns. Planes were stuck on runways for hours. Tempers flared as passengers lined up to surrender carry-on items under new security precautions that severely restricted the quantity of liquids in their luggage -- limits that remain in place today. "

Terrorists are deeply misguided and dangerous people - whether US bomber pilots liquidating Afghan civilians or 'Islamic extremists' blowing civilians up. These guys, however, weren't terrorists. Dickheads maybe,

("Ali, Sarwar and Hussain told the jury they had wanted to create a political spectacle in protest over foreign policy. It would have included fake suicide videos and devices that would frighten rather than kill the public. Ali, Sarwar and Hussain, along with Savant, Islam, Khan, and Zaman, also admitted conspiring to cause a public nuisance by making videos threatening bombings. "),

justifiably angry with Western imperialism definitely, but dangerous terrorists, no. Read it again. They are not guilty. (Not that you get that impression from the way the defeat has been reported in the MSM).

Still the shady British establishment figures behind the prosecution want a result. Notice the way this story has been handled. The implication is, it's all the jury's fault for being, so, well, so fucking reasonable and focusing on the lack of evidence. How unpatriotic. The Guardian report trumpeted 'Liquid bombers found guilty', the spooks went even so far as to hint strongly that there will be a retrail.

Whenever the ruling elites don't get their way, whether in trials, referendums or elections, they always blame the people a demand a rerun. Here, though, they've come royally unstuck.

Recall, this 'affair' came to light in Summer 2006 just as Israel launched its catastrophic war against Lebanon. The war went spectacularly wrong and highlighted the deeply flawed nature of the on going waronwhateveritis. Something had to be trumped up.

These guys were patsies designed to deflect attention from the appaling deathfest our leaders have engaged us in. They haven't got their way legally this time, but I allege there will be trouble for some Muslim gentlemen pretty soon somewhere in an English inner city. To deflect attention away from this failed attempt to deflect attention away. And so on.