vendredi 12 septembre 2008

Infinitesimal thing

We should concentrate on the big issues - but the bankrupcy of the holiday firm XS is like capitalism encapuslated. There are sixty odd thousand stranded holiday makers, people pretty much like you and me, who will have to pay their own way home, again, in that they've already coughed up the cash before they flew out, but what they shelled out disappeared down the tubes when the business bit the dust. Meanwhile, in the city, capitalism's little dirt grubbers were actually gambling on the share price of the stricken company. So while loads of people had to fend for themselves after getting ripped off, some sharp suited wankers were making a profit at their expense.

It's not Palestine, it's not Iraq or sub-Saharan Africa, but sometimes the personal little things reveal with refreshing closeness, the political mess we're in.