jeudi 25 septembre 2008

Iranian economics lesson

Bush spared Iran from an Israeli punishment beating last Spring. Tel Aviv pressurised the Americans to allow their fighters to strike at Iran's nuclear facilities. Incredibly, Bush refused to back the attack. Bush actually did something sensible, as crazy as it may seem. The reasons, well, hmmmm, difficult to work out weren't they? Retaliation, major World war, that kind of thing. But anyway, the Iranian president is not going out of his way to repay the top chimp for his assisstance. The latter remarked on the nature of the current (possibly fake) crisis thus: "“The world,” explained Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, “no longer has the capacity to absorb fake U.S. dollars.”

Now, does this say, all dollars are fake or that the world can absorb the real ones but has had enough of the countraband? Slippery bastards these politicians.......speaking of which.

Here in France, Sarko bobbed up on the TV for a major announcement on the state of the economy, financial crisis, world going down toillette etc. The address had been flagged for a good week on all channels so I was expecting the tiny turd to say something half-way interesting. Naturally, he didn't. The upshot of his ramblings seemed to be that laissez-faire was dead but his reforms, now to be accelerated, would increase France's, er, competitiveness.

This kind of double-think got short shrift from irrascable pundits all over the media, and Sarkozy's presidency limps on with no one to put it out of its and our misery.