jeudi 18 septembre 2008

For real?

Over at the Tomb an excellent find from the Times. Which makes a change from the appalling Guardian. It's a piece about the effects of the credit crunch and looming financial catastrophe that we're all probably in for and is written from a banker's wife's perspective. The writer recounts the anguish, sorrow and panic that she and her (supposed) rich friends are having at the moment. There are some wonderful quotes, the best being, after a paragraph of wondering which holiday to cancel, what are they going to do about the nannies, school fees and pondering on the effects on the local unemployment rate their drop off in spending will have, she says "...and that water pump for the African village will have to be put off now."

It's a brilliant spoof. I don't think many really fell for it. The thing is, why can't the left find someone as funny as this?