vendredi 10 octobre 2008

What next?

Gordon Brown is panicking along with the rest of the cabinet. Nothing is working the figures get worse and worse. This is not a crisis of confidence. No amount of talk this weekend will alter the accumulation of debt, the decline in wages and profit and the effects of a financial system whose aim is the hoarding of wealth for a tiny over priviledged elite. This is a structural, functional and profound crisis. The markets, though, are just a crustation atop the whole tottering corrupt system.

A tiny symptom of the British government's paralysis and mental instability, the use of anti-terrorist legislation against Iceland, Iceland, and the near unhinged talk for "immediate" action ahead of this weekend's drone fest.

So much madness today - Berlusconi at one point even urged that the markets should be closed! We are neither for nor against. The markets are part of the irrational ways of organising social production under contemporary soon to be replaaced capitalism. It highlights, though, just how unlikely is a joint European approach. There are people on the streets in France, Belgium was shut down by a near general strike Wednesday and thousands marched on the Stock Exchange in London tonight.

Sparks, sparks everywhere................