jeudi 23 octobre 2008

Obama in trouble

Us at the REL know that whoever wins the US election, the outcome will be pretty much the same for the broad mass of the American people. More shit pie. But the campaign itself is mildly diverting at times. The Guardian doesn't seem to have warmed to Obama as much as it did previous Democrat candidtaes, yesterday it called the senator "cocky" for daring to speak of things he'd do after he won the election. Today under a heading "Obama gets backing from Iran" it writes "Top official hands McCain campaign ammunition by saying Democrat hopeful is 'more flexible and rational''

The undecided American public is presumably meant to think that if those nasty Iranians are "backing" 'Hussein' Obama - then he really must be a mad mulla. And - like o my god - he's flexible and rational. Holy Shit! The makes the guy practically a communist.

Obbama's main incentive must be that he cannot let himself be beaten by a stiff like McCain. Sure social justice nyahnyah, minority rights blaaah. But really, what must be spurring him on are the nightmares where he hears McCain's acceptance speech. How on Earth would you ever live that kind of thing down? Al Gore had an excuse - he got ripped off. But getting beaten by McCain means that you can be worse than practically brain dead (like Bush) and go the whole hog and be elected a corpse President. And no one wants to be remembered as the guy who lost the Presidential race to a dead guy.