mardi 7 octobre 2008

Deeper and down

DJIA Change:
- 357.62 (3.46%) 2046 CET.

You get used to seeing hefty numbers like that. It's strange, though, how the figures change on one site change sp rapidly and from site to site at pretty much the same time. Yahoo is ticking 282 down now, thirty seconds later. You can't trust the figures anympre. Maybe "this sucker is going down" and no one can keep up with the frantc brainless trading.

That quote will become THE quote of this crsis, when the wretched thing is studied in the future. One has to ask oneself, though, why the quote was released. It was presented in the SW as just another indication of how dumb the chimp is. The idea was, presumably, to get people on side for the Paulson cash for the rich handout. Yet the remark IS so stupid - it's plausible enough to think Bush said it, but the 'sucker' is pretty insulting, surely, for middle America.

Whatever, everytime he opens his slit of a mush, the markets tank. May he babble on.