vendredi 24 octobre 2008

Afghan family

I mentioned below the dreadful 'story' the Sun are covering. An exiled family from Afghanistan live in a house with a very high rent. Really, that's about it. However, the paper's discussion boards are raging about 'sending them back'. Obviously, the entire fake story is to divert people's attention from the massive economic crisis hitting Britain and to deflect some of the anger thatits creating and is going to create, onto innocent bystanders. However, my point here is to portray the level of dicussion. I realise I am on flimsy PC ground here. The people that write on these discussion boards are predominantly lower to working class and have a basic level of education.

Even so, here is 'workingboy', 28 in full flow - "we should talk all britian layz parents not works living with tax payers money, teenage girls having baby just the get house and alcol money,,,and you telling me everythings ok this country only afghan family left lol ".

OK, when I'm a bit pished my spelling gets worse but this fella must have been mortal.