vendredi 3 octobre 2008

Half serious

The comment below on élite disintegration was only in jest - half jest anyway. But after hearing the news that Peterfucking Mandelson Peterfucking Mandelson is back in the Labour government, what further eividence does anyone need that the ruling elites have undergone a serious nervous breakdown the last few weeks and are capable of doing extraordinarily stupid things.

There's no point getting all worked up into a moral frenzy about this. All that 'we're extremely relaxed about people being filth rich' outrage is as passé as, well, as the stupid Labur Party. It's merely funny - funny in the same way that old uncles get pissed up, dance grossly and feel up cousins at horrible family get togethers.

"Mandelson, who is a European commissioner and not currently an MP, is expected to be made a peer to enable him to rejoin the government."

If this won't guarantee the election victory - nothing will!