jeudi 2 octobre 2008


The billions of words that have flooded the media, the internet and human consciousness since the start of the credit crisis is begining to have serious consequences. No one believes what anyone is saying to anyone anymore and word sources are fearing that the Mean standard, the old fashioned idea that words and their exotic derivatives, 'sentences' and 'paragraphs' should be convertible into 'meaning', will have to be reintroduced in order to prevent such absurdities as "Analysts say German finance minister Peer Steinbrueck may have spoken too soon when he crowed last week that the US would lose its status as a superpower as a result of this crisis. He told Der Spiegel yesterday that we are "all staring into the abyss". from diluting the entire system of meaning exchange and plunging the world into custard.

For when you stare into the abyss, beware, it stares back into you.