dimanche 12 octobre 2008

Rich Governance

Gordon Brown said last week a propos the bailout and the new National Economic Council that “Quite simply, the new era that we have entered requires new ways of governing. We don’t just need to change policies to deal with the new financial difficulties but the way we take decisions, the way we govern, has got to change as well.... This is a new way of governing that is based on the uniqueness of the circumstances.”

This "new era" must be the depression our great leaders (OGLs) are preparing us for as they, like a vicar slowly letting out a gigantic bulbous of wind in tiny piffs, gradually soften us up for further drastic measures with their leaks, statements and press releases. The implication of the remaining part of this quote deos appear to be that 'even though we have given the rich nerly half of our GDP, that isn't enough. Sure we'll be giving them more money. But by 'not enough' I mean we need to get used to the idea of the bankers ruling us.'

It's a conclusion that must come easily to someone who so meekly, no, sorry, enthusiastically, granted interest rate control to a load of unelected Bank of England governers.

The quote's last sentence is more sinister. It sanctions just about anything. It is an attempt to absolve the government, preemptively, from the requiremnt to pay heed to democratic accountability. It is a threat to govern by decree and even by dictatorship.

One cannot help but wonder how pleased the hedge fund spongers and the leechy banker wallas must be this morning. All they have to do, if draw up a few unimaginable huge and illegal bets with the scum people they went up to Oxbridge with, draw in the money when times were good and once the economy slowed down, forment a crisis, get bailed out, but also become part of the government.

Legitmacy had drained away from the government but is also from the very idea of the British political system. Governance for the rich allows, even demands of those 'below' in the social order to disobey, sabotage and revolt.