dimanche 26 octobre 2008

Rogue state

The American election is a foregone conclusion. Obama will win easily and the Republicans will be nearly eradicated from the political map. There are many reasons for its defeat. One of them is Sarah Palin. I hesitate to say that, it sounds sexist, but I mention it because I was struck by today's media topic that Palin has 'gone rogue'. First blush, it was early in the morning, I thought the scroll read Palins gone 'rogue'. Red? She's gone off message and is speaking up for herself the reports say. She's gone left wing I thought. Perhaps 'gone soft' on health care, progressive on tax and rational on foreign policy. They might win afterall. But no, of course not. This is the most boring election campaign ever in a country where politics has been neutralised, sanitized and intellectually cleansed. US politics makes Britain's look like something from Tarantino.

But I did expect something roguish, something interesting after such a build up as that, though. Especially when you read that McCain campaign advisers are angry about what she's up to. What can she be saying and doing? Does she want to bring back lynching, the death penalty for unAmerican thoughts and invade Brazil? No, she'd complained about robocalling and the Republican campaign pulling out of somewhere called Michigan. (European people are as ignorant about US geography as Americans are about Europe's, sorry).

You have to then wonder, what was the point in the Republimedia reporting this story? One, it's very boring and two it makes the Republicans look disunited, a sure way to ensure electoral failure. One can only surmise that the addage 'Any publicity is good publicity' is being applied here. The Republican campaign is as exhausted as McCain appears. He really does look a lot older than 72. It's shrill, poorly supported and incoherent. And so is he. The polls are all fake and designed to keep up the illusion that the Republicans stand a chance. If the real level of support were published, the Republican vote on the day would evaporate completely. And make any attempt to steal the election after they've lost look totally evident and criminal. Instead of like the last two times, just legalistic, bad luck and a close run thing.

It's a perfect storm that is going to destroy the GOP. They can't steal this one. All you liberal Americans out there - enjoy this morsel of comfort while you can - the next six months are going to be crazy.