jeudi 2 octobre 2008

What are governments for?

After years of reading political theory books - all hopelessly idealistic - it is clearer now after a few weeks of this crisis, that the real purpose of government is to keep things smooth for the banks. For how else could one explain the governments' immediate public donation of funds to the banks at the expense of public spending needs. In all Western countries, social programs have been hit and will be hit by te drain from the treasury in order to prop up the banks. Billions overnight, from coffers that were described as empty (by Sarkozy) miraculously appear.

The media right across the board is running flat out to contain the public outrage over this issue. It's a real test. If the public wont be calmed down for this, it may spill over into the next leg of this economic disaster. Then people will beging to work things out for themselves. And who knows to where that will lead. . . ?