lundi 20 octobre 2008


I read in the site today, that The Sun has been focusing on a story about asylum seekers living it up or something. It's a tired tactic, obviously, in times of economic stress. Divert anger onto scapegoats. So I thought I'd have a little rant on the forum there and see if I got any response. Here's the opening gambit:

"We are going through one of the biggest scandals of British history. The ruling elites of this country are carrying out a gigantic theft of YOUR money so that when the depression hits, they will be ok.

Instead of telling you the truth about this fact, a truth that will mean your standard of living WILL GET WORSE, their media dregs up rubbish about people from Afghanistan. It is OBVIOUS why they are doing this. The elites FEAR your reaction to this THEFT. They are deeply anxious that YOU DON'T put two and two together and work out the correct politics to TAKE THESE PARASITES ON.

The looming DEPRESSSION will be unlike anything you have ever lived through. Your life will not be the same again. This ECONOMIC SLUMP will HIT YOU like you've never been hit before.

So the elites HAVE to DISTRACT you with tiny insignificant stories. This DIVERTS your anger - you are angry about the bank robbery it's YOUR money that they are TAKING from you - and creates SCAPEGOATS. DON'T FALL FOR IT!

The real enemy are the bosses, the rightwing collabos and the banks. They are all laughing at you and take you for fools so much that they think some stupid little story can divert your attention from the massive crime their friends are committing.

Don't let them get away with any of this. There are solutions to this crisis, but you need to ACT. And SOON."

It may turn out not be the greatest economic slump of all time - but then again, this is politics, and what you say has an effect, no matter how small, on current events. So a certain level of exaggeration is required. It was interesting to note that none of the top ten discussions mentioned the current bank handouts. Two centred on immigration and 'benefit' cheat stuff. Sure, it's only the Sun, but it does have a large readership and poisonous effects.

Updates to follow, perhaps.