lundi 13 octobre 2008


In all this bailout bollocks, other important things have been submerged. Take the enormous problems in Africa. You can call it a crusty old Stalinist relic if you like, and you would be largely correct to do so, but Humanité does get to the parts other media nozzles just don't touch.

Their main point is that Africa needs about seventy billion euros a year to start to sort out the social catastrophe thats been going on there for, what how long now....A few years ago, one would have thought - "Blimey. That's, what, a heck of a lot of money there. It can't really be done can it. Can't we just send Bob Glandolf to solve it all again?" But now we're all older and wiser and immersed in the world's biggest ever financial SCANDAL (call a bollock a 'bollock' at least!), governments can suddenly get their hands on hundreds of billions of local currency overnight. There's talk - well it scrolled past on France24 - that the Eurozone could spray the thirsty little bankers who can't even trust themselves with over a trillion and a half Euros.

What gets us on the hook, is that we are not doing anything to stop them. In choosing champagne, yachts and luxury for the few over the mass of 500 million or so people the governement force us to collude in mass slaughter. Given this and the fact that all western governments are now bereft of legitimacy can only force one set of conclusions.

Sowhat are we waiting for I wonder. . . . ?