jeudi 9 octobre 2008

Maybe absolutely

After being given effectively 40% of UK GDP, you'd be forgiven for thinking that stockbrokers everywhere would be shouting for joy, reveling in the free cash and bathing in champagne. Perhaps they are on the quiet. Maybe they don't want us to see their greedy porcine faces all aglow with the thought of free trough. Even so, I may not often be right but I could be wrong again. Here's one broker hedging, just a little,

"We've had a few false dawns over the past couple of months and it's too early to call a complete recovery, but there's hope that these measures will get some traction at some point."
Richard HunterHargreaves Lansdown stockbrokers

So, after all that - a promise of nearly a trillion quid no questions asked - it's "too early" to even say that they might have some effect in the fairly distant future.......! I mean I don't like using exclamation marks - but I think the tiniest one is in order there really.