mardi 14 octobre 2008

Asbestos workers 0 Idle bankers 3000000000000

In the end it was no contest. Though the two teams looked evenly matched at the start of the game - roughly 250000 on each side - the early (moral) gains by the hardy workers from the north of France were quickly cancelled out by the far more aggressive work by the bankers team. Football is an unkind sport and often refereeing decisions can be vital. Here, questions have to be asked about just what the referee was doing in widening the asbestos workers goalposts and tripling their height and taking the bankers' away at half time. Indeed the second half saw the extraordinary action of clearing the ground of spectators, cameras and other officials whilst the Idle Bankers FC midfeild occupied the room behind the scoreboard. When the match resumed several Asbestos workers had to be forcibly removed by police after they protested about discrepancies in the scoring system. In the 6000 strong protest march outside the ground Francois Desriaux, whose voice could hardly be heard over the cheers of the bankers' supporters overjoyed now that confidence had returned to their team, said that " a rigged match like that how could anyone think is was worth competing? It's a question of class. Look half my team died of lung cancer last year. With 3000 dying each year, how can we compete against cunts like these?" before he was ignored totally by the journalists still drunk from the free champagne after all the celebrating.