jeudi 2 octobre 2008

Political elite disintegration?

We're as much in the dark as anyother outsider as far as this tedious economic crisis is concerned. I say tedious, because it's obscuring all sorts of other interesting developments in the world, like the huge demonstrations in Germany about the cut backs, the electoral kicking the German government got on the weekend and the recognition by top British military officials that the NATO war in Afghanistan is all but doomed.

But there are increasing signs that the crisis itself has started to have secondary effects. Or at least, if you stretch your imagination a little. Firstly, Digby Jones some CBI insect has resigned as trae minister. First thought was "You ungrateful upper class bastard." Second thought immediately following that was "What the hell was an unelected fat cat doing in a democratic government?!" Final thought was, that he must be ducking for cover, now that the economy is going banana. If this thought has legs, it is a hint that this crisis isn't some jumped up dptcom bubble that's just popped. This is not to suggest some iluminati take over is imminent (!) but when you read things like "Gordon Brown will announce a new emergency committee to take charge of the financial crisis when he unveils a shake-up of his frontbench team, it emerged today.

Downing Street has confirmed the prime minister is considering formalising some of the ad hoc economic meetings that have been taking place in recent days.

Number 10 is talking about setting up a "rolling group of people who can quickly take decisions".

you have to think that this situation has evolved into something to be taken a damn sight more seriously. Also, the Head of the Metropolitan Police has resigned over corruption charges. Unconnected. . .? who knows these days. But it's about time this incompetent duffer was dashed off. He was the failure who ordered De Menezes' execution. And if that wasn't enough to stir up a crisis atmosphere - the ever ungrateful DOW is on the slide again, as of late pm European time.