vendredi 24 octobre 2008

Free fall markets

First it was Berlusconi who said it, but no one is going to take that warped little shit seriously, but now Prof Roubini, guardian of the keys to the Temple himself, has suggested that now would be a good time to close the markets for a week or so, in order to prevent total panic from setting in. A talking head on Bloomberg scoffed at this idea as he said it would trigger capitulation in the bourses because it would be THE sign that things were finally out of control.

Here at REL our single share in Cadbury's suffered a bit of a dip today. Looking at the list of FTSE companies, Cadbury's was reported as having lost 99% of its value. Surely not? I paid two euros for this Flake. And it doesn't taste all that great. I wonder if it's got some Chinese protein substitute in it. If the markets close how the hell can I liquidate my position?

In a pan I suppose.