jeudi 13 novembre 2008

Work til you die

The MEDEF CBI and other bosses' associations won't rest until they have their minion governments force through changes to working practices that drag working people in the west down to the level of those in the 'developing' world or China. Sarko is happy to do their work. He's made pensions more expensive for workers to earn, scrapped the 35 hours a week working limit, cut restrictions on overtime, allowed Sunday work (yes, things really are that different in France...!) and now he's pushing for a law to allow workers to carry on working up until they're 70.

This is really quite something. The law itself began in the French Parliament on a Friday night and was introduced by the ruling party when they knew few people would be paying attention. That fetid bit of management aside, the ruling itself, if it comes to force, will be a major attack on the lives of ordinary working people. At the moment, it is being described in the MSM as creating freedom for people to decide if they want to work that late in their lives. In reality, of course, it is a wedge to get everyone used to the idea that working until you're 70 is to be the norm. For a vast swathe of the French population this could mean that the very idea of a pension has been abolished.

The talking turd was elected on the strength of the appeal of his hollow slogan 'Work more to get more.' This is was he meant. You work more, your boss and his upper tax bracket friends get more. It stinks and so do they.