mardi 18 novembre 2008

BNP membershit list leaked

Sometimes news happens that makes you sad, some times shit happens that makes you burn with resentment but sometimes news happens that makes you think, "Good and ho ho". And rightly so too, occassionally. Take the news that the whole BNP party membership list has been leaked to the press (anyone know where we can get a puruse of its content on the net?). All the scum who have joined up in secret are now busted! It is only fair and proper. And get this, the publication has scared the shyte of the BNP members - ""I'm also on the list, what the fuck is going on? I could lose my job," posted one member on a north-west England BNP forum.
Another wrote: "God help anyone who is in the army, the prison service, health care, police officer or a teacher."

What a bunch of soft, inauthentic whinging cowards. If you have political beliefs - even if they are as putrid as to make you join organised scum like the BNP - at least stand up for them. My take on it, though, is that each member represents a loss for the left - the BNP cohort has a large working class base. I say that, but I don't really have the proof since the BNP refuses to publish its membership - oh hold on.. . .

This, amongst other things, illustrates just how ideological and mistaken the tired old liberal quip that the far left and the far right are pretty much the same in their totalitarian designs. For who, on the leaking of, say, an SWP membership list would say the same things as the tools and knuckle draggers above?

(For our American reader, the BNP is the nearest the UK gets to the KKK : it stands for British National Party. Boneheaded Nasty Party - Politically, it is small, brutish and thick).

Update - There is too much legal squeamishness amongst the people on the left who came across this list. Piously, they are remaining 'within the law'. The leader of the BNP one Mr.Griffin has even had the unironic gobsmacking idea to invoke the Human Rights act to prevent the list from going totally public. For God's sake you soft 'lefty' bastards - fucking publish the fucking list and be damned you snivelling cowards. Or send it to me and I fucking will.

I'm sorry for swearing so much but, bloody hell, these people on the list are fascists AND SHOULD BE EXPOSED TO THE FULL PUBLIC GLARE AS SUCH.

Don't miss a golden open goal opportunity like this over something as flimsy as the data protection act for christ's sake. Only the innocent have anything to fear. Get it fucking published you soft bastards.