samedi 29 novembre 2008

Prospects for revolution

Those who have lived through the collapse of the Soviet Union, the triumph of capitalism, the end of history, the classless society and the age of 'sunny upland' capitalism, yet never believed in the system but were mocked by their contemporaries for their anachronistic and eccentric earnestness and their 'idealism', are feeling the gatherings of a intellectual optimism now that the word 'revolution', 'collapse' 'social unrest 'mass unemployment' and other terms from their well learnt lexicon, have made their reappearance in social discourse. The bourgeois scribblers, hacks and spouting mugs on the telly have lost their confidence and swagger and now the crisis is affecting more and more sectors of the real economy, their unreal world has started to look increasingly tenuous and temporary as they have started to sound more and more depressed and anxious. MFI, Woolworths, car manufacturers, Iceland, Ireland (?) and now, even perhaps the UK, are all running out of money. And what will everyone do when the shortages get like those on the shelves at Woolworth's, whose bosses say they willrun the shops down until all the stock has gone. Iceland has seen how this plays out, but on a bigger scale. People get angry, make demands, socialise politically, start to protest and then fight the state and in less than a month, start talking about revolution. These are serious developments. Welcome them and fan the flames where ever you are, you, those that have been patient and too reticent all these years. You were right all along.