mercredi 19 novembre 2008


What would be the BNP position on the deportation - no say it like it is - expulsion of 54 Afghan ex-pats from Britain and France back to their homeland? By accounts in L'Humanité the British ethnic cleansing went off all boots and handcuffs and the asylum seekers are now safe and happy back in down town Kabul. The French part of te deal, the Anglo-French operation was meant to be a coordinated effort to cleanse these chaps altogether, fell through because of concerted action by groups helping immigrants/ex-pats over here in France.
The, frankly, racist Minister for Immigration was forced to concede that since the United Nations Commission for Human Rights had stipulated that the conditions in Afghanistan were so far from safe (like, no shit!) that he and the French government would not countenance such a barbaric act. That's quite something coming from this minister. He's got an expulsion target of 29000 to reach.
The BNP position on this is shamefully, pretty much the same as the British Government's. In effect, both support the deaths of these people, whose only crime is to wish to stay alive and live a half-decent life. That's right. Because the fate of the returnees is horrendous. Twenty Afghans were expelled in similar brutal fashion from Australia (surely a country that can't really say 'There's no room for you guys!' like the other dumb cleansers love to mouth) back to Afghanistan, where they were found ten days later - tortured and dead.
So it would be more honest, if the British Government simply executed these ex-pats on the spot. From an efficiency argument it make sperfect sense, cuts down all that tense waiting and ferrying people about too and saves on aviation fuel in these difficult economic times. Course, given all the cowardly whinging and whining about the BNP membership list ("OOW snot fair! I'm on the list. I'm soo scared that I might lose my job!") they wouldn't dare express their deepest political desires to do that very thing. Plus, give the British regime enough time and it will regretfully be forced into taking what some on the wishy washy left may consider to be anti-humanitarian measures, but that on deeper reflection are necessary in order to counter the growth of the BNP.
Which only has 12000 members or so. And which has no real political force. It has no economic grounding, no union base and no concentrated area of support. Its membership is disperate, geographically and socially and it can only win when it garners all its force in single areas where it feels it can stoke up racial hatred. The race card is the only one it can play. But it will continue to do better than its measly support base would suggest until the government stops acting to outdo it on the right. For when a Labout government...a Labour Government! ... acts more to the right than the French UMP, then democratic representation is truly extinct in Britain. Somebody do something. It is a regime asking for it.