vendredi 7 novembre 2008

Forget it all for another four years

"Leon Panetta, former chief of staff to Bill Clinton, said, "He's got to lower some expectations, indicate the limits he's confronting."

It's clear, though the result was great, that Obama either through conviction or 'realities', is not going to change anything for the people on the ground. His transistional team is the usual crew of elite reptiles and there won't be any moves anytime soon on the Iraq fiasco.

The outpouring of hope and idealism must be dampened, though. The victory of the liberal part of the ruling clique in any election is the most dangerous phase of the democratic charade. After all, it is possible, during the campaign, that people will actually realise important political truths and then go onto act upon them in unpredictable ways. Any moves in that direction must be quelled as soon as possible so elite rule can continue unpeturbed. Obama is just the man. Go along with him and be absorbed into the 'realist' excuses that we'll hear so much of in the next eighteen months. Criticise him and sound like a bitter redneck from Klansville Arizona. Or just forget about it all for the next four years. . .