mardi 4 novembre 2008

The creation of illusions

The US election is but a larger manifestation of the illusion of democracy in the west. There is only the administration of the profit system by a single party with a dual aspect. Crudely put, it is a good cop/bad cop routine. The Conservative 'front' are usually in power and in reality it is their ideas that most closely represent the true power dynamics of the system. These parties (the Tories, the Republicans, the UMP etc.) dispense the orthodox medicene; the tepid soup and broth and privatisations for the lumpen, the easy money and fat for their upper class whore supporters. They pour nationalism/war, individualism and bread and circuses to fill up the gaps that their policies deliberately create.

Eventually, when these parties exhaust themselves, steeped in corruption and sated with luxuries and power, they become so loathed that they are anihilated at the polls by a hurt and vengeful electorate. People eharbour expectations of reform and change. But the system cannot allow any disruption to its operation of removing wealth from the poor and donating it to the rich. So, in the meantime, it has been grooming the alternative that will counter-act the excesses of the previous administration. Vague motifs and promises are made. The big day arrives. And passes. The bread tepid soup and broth are doled out in the name of unity. War and circuses are broadcast and the operation of removing money from the poor and donating it to the rich continues.