mercredi 19 novembre 2008

BNP membership list

We here at the REL offices got our hands on a copy of the BNP membership list and have just copied and pasted it. And what a sociological treat it is. There are few real surprises. It's mainly lone nutters and saddos, but taken en masse it just about becomes interesting. The data will be used to embarass many of those individuals on the list, of course, but the research department here at the revolutionary Marxist offices will be concerned in the more interesting geo-political aspects that this tiny little mine of human bitterness and waste reveals.

Hypotheses raised - 'There are more working class BNP supporters than middle class", "There is more BNP support in the North of England than in the South of England" "The main hobbies of the typical BNP supporter are hunting, combat sports and masturbation".

A spin off feature from this list, here at REL, will be the occassional attempt at correspondence with some of these deeply misguided souls, either by phone or e-mail. I recognise that all but the most retarded of BNP supporter must have changed their details in the last twenty four hours, but let's face it, that still leaves a good three quarters of those on the list.

After we've finally finished copying and pasting the sorry list of worms and duffers, feel free to ask for a copy of the document. I'm sure most people interested have laready got their copy and are busy planning their antics, but for those a bit slower on the uptake of this story there's copies available, since the blogspot they originated from has been closed down.

More to follow.