dimanche 23 novembre 2008

Brown rides again

There's talk in the British press, still, about the Lazarus-like comeback of the once dead British PM. After his brilliant work handling the crisis (what , has it gone away?) and drafting in the twice disgraced Peter Mandleson into his doomed regime, his chancellor is about to undertake one of the biggest u-turns in recent British political history. The government is about to cut VAT by two percent and introduce spending measures (though not in the public sector) to spend their way out of recession. The Observer breathlessly ejaculates the whole boring tale.

After eleven wasted years the government finally wakes up to the calls for injections of cash the other way than to the pampered idle rich - whose representatives have caused this immense disaster in the first place. ('Though in defence of the consistency of New Labour's policies, the poor will not do well out of this desperate splurge). Yet it takes a crisis as big as the 1930's for them to actually do something. Clearly, as we will all find out, these measures won't make any difference. Further, they don't get to the root of the problem - which has been that for three decades, the earning power of the working class has been in absolute decline compared to wealth givento/stolen by capital. It is this, and the classic crisis of overproduction (all those useless gadgets from China) that have caused the slump. (Economics is only a dismal science because it has to be dressed up by dickheads like Freidman and the other Chicago wansksters into something that requires computers and PhD's in advanced mathematics to "understand" what's supposed to be going on).

It is the pressure on wages that have made housing THE problem for millions of people around the world. Unable to afford a decent place to live, the choice was stark. Either sign up to a liar loan and hope for the best or fuck off somewhere else. Believe me, I saw it in Southern England a few years ago and the figures are all there naked in the breeze. Fearing some calamity or other, I chose the latter option. Millions had no other choice and autographed the bottom of the page. It's no use blaming them for this train crash, as some commentators have done. With the entire system rigged against us, this Hobson's choice, that was so cynically thrown our way, helped in a big way to make the depression happen. That, of course, and the pointless politicians who made all the failed and bankrupt decisions in the past thirty years or so.

Go on strike, take to the streets and take on the state - or we all go down.