mercredi 19 novembre 2008

BNP membership list

To those readers in Nottingham, Burnley and London who have just dropped by "Hello". I say this, because no one in the UK reads my site, as a rule. But by coincidence, just after mentioning the BNP thing, there's a sudden spike of interest in my incisive views on contemporary politics, society and economics from this green and pleasant land. Yes, I will be publishing the list quite soon, in installments.

I have been informed that for some reason, doing so is somehow against the law; Well, one thing - the idea of the a besuited BNP official going crying to the law given what their party is, makes my want to simultaneously laugh, cry and vomit. They say they've changed, but apart from the "don't come to the meetings in a bomber jacket" stuff, of course they haven't. They remain a fascist, racist party with a violent almost paramilitary wing (witness the hushed up story of one of they brood caught red handed with a kilo or so of explosive and other weapons with intent) whose history is steeped in hatred, pointlessness and despair. They deserve any misfortune and inconvenience anyone can throw at them.

Secondly, once you join such an organisation then you effectively cut yourself off from all the mainstream benefits of society - things like 'respect', 'duty' and 'consideration', and so on, no longer apply to this aspect of your life. And the more you remian in the organisation, the more that lack of consideration applies to more and more of your life. Griffin himself has none at all. He is the lowest of the low - any opportunity to inconvenience, humiliate or ruin him financially, politically or socially should be duty bound on anyone who gets the chance.

Finally - it'll do some of the people on the list some good. Upon being exposed to the fresh, cleansing light of day, they can confess, repent and do whatever else wayward people do to get back to the half-normal world of real people. It will play a small role in getting their lives back. Like an adulterer, a porn user or a flasher getting caught - there will be ridicule but then a chance to heal, forgive and forget and move on.

Hey, come on - I'm being half serious here. . . .

Plus this caught my eye whilst intertrawling "We were all very similar. We were often the youngest in the family, most had suffered some great trauma in their childhood, some had been beaten by a violent parent, most of them were illiterate. They didn't fit in and had no sense of identity. Most of them had been expelled from school at some stage. So I fitted into all that quite nicely."

Yep, the story of a BNP/NF high ranking 'official' who defected and leaked tons of stuff to Those people on the list - do they feel a sense of recognition I wonder?