jeudi 27 novembre 2008

The undead fighting eachother

The socialist party in France - of course, neither 'socialist' nor a 'party' - has been in the headlines again in France. But nowhere else. After all, few French people are interested in the bitter presidential election contest between Royale and the mayor of Lille, Martine Aubry, let alone anyone else in the world. The latter won the contest by 42 votes but Royale wouldn't accept the result and demanded a recount - which she lost this time by 140 votes. For an analysis of this .

The media have loved the story and are the real winners along with the UMP which by just keeping quiet manages to gain political credibility from the noisy disintegration of its main political opponent. Only a party like the PS could do this at a time like now when people might think about changing their minds left ward. True, a revolutionary party mass based would be good, but in the short to medium term you need to change people's minds but when they see the word 'socialist' associated with this rancid bunch of careerists zombies - they'll grit their teeth and think "Well we'd best get used to Sarkozy." Until. . .