mercredi 1 avril 2009

The crisis moves in

The economic slump has caused widespread political instability. At the macro level, Latvia, Iceland and indirectly, the Czech Republic have all seen their (neo-liberal) governments collapse. Just beneath this order of things, is the massive unemployment this depression is causing. In recent decades, investigations into the relation between unemployment and social stability demonstrate that tensions and rioting are more likely to occur in times and places when and where unemployment is increasing rapidly and by large amounts. This seems to be what is happening. At a micro level. Take your pick. The demos in Greece, the marches all over Europe, the Strikes and hostage taking of bosses in France and reaction against the G20 facade plus also the spate of burgalries we're experiencing over here at the moment, to get a bit more subjective.

This tends to proove the Leninist point well, the "The worse, the better." This phrase has come for some criticism over in the hallowed tomes of the Tomb. Yet, it's worth defending.
It doesn't mean that worse the idividual lives of the workers must become, what, 'intolerable' before the better of an upsurge in revolutionary consciousness, but that when the economy (by withdrawing hitherto expected benefits) forces people to become political, then there is a chance that our message will be better received.

As living conditions deteriorate, people will and have begun to look for alternatives. This is all the, ok, brutal sounding aphorism, supports. It doesn't mean the worse you make things for the working class, oppressing them, exploiting them, violating their human rights and even killing them, that they are going to turn socialist by pure experience.

An interpretation closer to the meaning of the phrase is the worse the situation gets, the panickier and less convincing become the bosses and leaders and the working class makes connections, gets stronger and arms itself.

That kind of better.

Communism would fail to convince anyone at all if capitalism really did, grant everyone a fair humane life and kept economic inequality to 3-1 say, if that were conceivable.? A capitalist world full of peace and happy workers whilst all being exploited. Impossible.

So defend the idea of 'the worse the better'.

Unless you're really sure of the person's adherence to communist materialism, don't say it to the recently made unemployed. Though do say it to those you leave behind on your particular 'You got the sack Day'.