mercredi 15 avril 2009

Round up week 2

We're into the second week of the detention of twelve people rounded up under terror laws in the north west of England and still no charges.

It is left to such far flung reached of the blogiverse to describe the reality "One senior security source was cited in the Guardian as stating that “nothing of huge significance” had been uncovered.
This is a far cry from the hysterical claims that originally attended the arrests. Then police sources claimed that they had thwarted a massive Al Qaeda-directed operation to launch large-scale suicide bomb attacks over the Easter holiday." [ibid.]

The MSM tale was that Quick, the head of Spook UK let the cliché out of the bag by flashing details of the terror suspects as he poured himself out of a ministerial car. However, it wouldn't be in conspiracy nut territory to postulate that, in fact, the raid took place, nothing was found and then Quick was blamed for 'leaking' the "information" that brought the operation forward. Or it was just a botched raid left, right and centre.
Still, whatever the result of these raids, the state wins - No attacks? Then the roundups must be working! Attack happens - round up the usual suspects.