lundi 23 mars 2009

W t f?

We've been at a loss for words the last week or so. The madness is so emmense and extreme, the bailouts, the clarity of the class nature of what's going on and the sense that at some point along the line, it could get horribly serious, instead of just serious like it is now, that we've felt numbed.

Our cleaner is feeling depressed; too, by the frantic rise in the stock market, and fears that this means a bottom is in (there's a pun there...somewhere) and with one bound capitalism will free itself. But it's all too late for that now. Evidence? The volumes of trade are miniscule, we are informed. Perhaps this means there's just one geezer in an office, pressing a button to keep the whole capitalist show on the road. Even if the road does pass into a fog pach and veers towards the cliffy abyss. But enough wretched analogies.

Another twitch of the zombie that is British politics....Jack Straw of all people is calling for a Bill of Rights in Britain to protect our sorry arses from...the Conservatives. Fill in your own ironic incredulousness and incredulous irony and try not to