vendredi 10 avril 2009

Round up

Rozzer has rounded up some more usual suspects, this time in the north of England. As usual, the initial hype and excitement have given way to a 'lack of evidence' hangover. Despite being called a 'success' (in that presumably the police feel pleased about arressting people who do really do come from... Pakistan), we learn that "Counterterrorist sources admitted that despite intensive surveillance they had uncovered no definite targets for an alleged plot, and described reports citing a shopping centre and nightclub in Manchester as targets as "wide of the mark"." So, at least thus far, no evidence save for some pictures. And on those grounds everyone, clean skinned or not, would find themselves flung in the back of the unmarked van.

We are just asked to believe, really have faith, in the authorities' conviction that a huge terror plot has been smashed. But even those with the most feeble political memories, must be becoming hardened and sceptical in the face of these PR raids, especially given the smokescreen of lies puffed out into the mediasphere after the SPG did for the unfortunate Ian Hamilton.

As usual, the release of these suspects will receive far less media attention. So what role do the raids really play. We have to start to discount the reports of such raids as soon as they become breaking news. The 'plots' that turn out to be vague aspirations prompted by agent provocateurs, the evidence that turns out to be household objects and holiday snaps will have to be seen as part of the strategy of tension that the cadaverous elites have to keep in place in order to help to keep the whole tottering show on the road.