mercredi 22 avril 2009


"The case of 12 men arrested over a suspected bomb plot in the UK who were all later released without any charges is to be independently reviewed.
Eleven people - Pakistani nationals - are now in UK Border Agency custody and face possible deportation.
Lord Carlile of Berriew QC will look at the case as part of his ongoing role as independent reviewer of terrorism laws.
Chief Constable of Greater Manchester Police Peter Fahy defended the arrests, saying he was not "embarrassed". " [BBC]

Presumably not "embarrassed" because they're only foreigners aren't they eh? Anyone else would feel ashamed about getting their job all wrong and might consider resigning and finding something they could do, like road sweep or masturbating in front of the tv all day. Something out of harm's way anyway. But no, this rozz'll carry on rounding up innocent people somewhere near you, maybe.

One has to conclude that these arrests, that always happen at politically sensitive times, (the G20 march, the Israeli assualt on Gaza), occur either for distraction purposes or to generate resources for the police. But if the boys and gals in blue keep getting it wrong, even the duff political class that rules, must eventually think that it's all a ruse to get money out of them. So it must be a political conspiracy and a distraction. But we're not conspiracy nuts here at REL....The only other conclusion, rancid and nihilistic as it seems then, is that the whole apparatus, from lowliest clod on the beat to senior civil servant, don't know their arses from their sideboards.
Thinking about it, though, this is encouraging for us, in the end. They are not only morally corrupt but criminally stupid too.
So why aren't we beating the lot of the bastards yet?