samedi 4 avril 2009


It's far from clear whether the bank troughers are worthy of their hand outs, but sometimes you can't put a price on the garbage they come out with. Some curly tail squealing about the 'get tough' regulation that might put a lid on their well earned pay packets remarked thus.....""Regulation is generally bad. You should let the market decide what the people will get paid," said Matthew Prest, managing director at Close Brothers investment bank. "Sometimes regulation has the opposite effect of what you want and I think bankers' salaries regulation would fall under that category. I don't hear anybody calling for Hollywood star salary caps. This is a trendy, fashionable thing to do, it will have bad consequences."

I'm no economic expert, but when was the last time a Jude Law, a Mel Gibson or a Meryl Streep helped create 5 million job losses in fifteen months?

Get to fuck and back before you say anything like that again you rich duffer.